I think It’s all about time and light in life. Good Times, bad times, shining days and dark episodes – although in many different colours.

And so is photography. Photography is life. My favorites are natural sceneries, landscape, places and people with straight expression.

And sports of course, mainly cycling – I love it! I hope, that I never stop learning to view and spot and photograph.


The 3 cameras that I mainly work with are the Nikon D800, Nikon D3 and the Fuji XT-2.

There are also high-intensity lenses that cover a focal length range of 16 to 200mm, as well as 3 system- and 2 studio-flashes.

The equipment changes constantly as needed, sometimes I give something away and buy new ones. In the short term I can also fall back on cooperations or rent lenses and accessories if something is missing.